What is the Lounge?

Have you ever heard your favorite WWCD Radio DJ announce a Lounge Tip and wondered what it’s all about—what are these Lounge Tips and what is The Lounge? Simply stated, The Lounge is our exclusive WWCD Radio listener-appreciation club that is completely free to join. Here are the basics.

Listen to WWCD Radio and when you hear a Lounge Tip, jot it down—or do your best to commit it to memory. Then, go to wwcdradio.com, sign in to The Lounge, and enter the Lounge Tip on your Lounge homepage. You will earn Lounge Points for each correct Lounge Tip entered. You also can earn Lounge Points by surfing the web, watching our YouTube videos, or taking surveys. With all of the options available, you’ll soon find yourself with a ton of Lounge Points!

Redeem your Lounge Points for fun WWCD Radio stuff like concert tickets, CDs, vinyl, movie passes, Big Room passes, and so much more! Or use your Lounge Points to enter contests for select giveaways like tickets to sold-out concerts!

You can join The Lounge (for free!) by selecting Membership Options and clicking the button under “Classic.”

We’ve also added a new membership section, The Club Lounge, which gives you additional membership options so that you can create your own unique experience within The Lounge!  Explore all of the choices available by clicking the button below or by visiting Membership Options.

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